Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to clean grease traps?

The basic job of a grease trap is to keep fat, solids and oils from reaching the drain in the kitchen and sewage system. These fats, solids and oils might cause the drain to block leading to a back flow in the pipes and causing a serious pollution problem.

What problems can a clogged grease trap cause?

Grease, fat and oil are all major components of waste water in a commercial kitchen. If they aren’t intercepted, they will quickly go into the sewage system underground. This is a huge problem for restaurants because having large amounts of greasy waste water will quickly harden and block up the drains. Having a properly working grease trap can catch the greasy accumulation avoiding the unnecessary blockage of pipes and expense of opening them and cleaning them out. If your grease and oil are clogging up your grease trap, our professional drain cleaning service can resolve your problem.

Is this process going to contaminate my kitchen?

No, our process is unique and totally clean.  Unlike other trap cleaning services, we don’t drag sewer hoses into your kitchen or food prep areas.  Our equipment is totally self contained and our service reps are clean and professional.  For instance, we use disposable gloves with every application, not the same work gloves that were used on all other treatments and our equipment is only used for food prep areas.  And we do not use sewer treatment hoses.

Will your service interupt my restaurant schedule?

We schedule service around your schedule.  Usually after hours or early, prior to your opening.

Is your service expensive?

We are very competitively priced, however many of our customers appreciate the value added services we provide at no additional fee.